Still doing aggressive scene framing, softened with FP. I am compelling things. Will take the wheel off of the accelerator in future and put it on players to propose starting scenes, etc.

I am managing 3 story streams
* hexmaster dealing with a weird client
* wizard/shapeshifter being trailed by goons
* empath dealing with a work supervisee being subject to weird influences

Crosses, weaves, and openings allow me to bring these together. These three simple techniques are keeping the action going even if an overall direction is not being pursued.

Examples of compels affecting the fiction.
* Hexmaster confronted with his "Gotta finish the job" Aspect when his client starts shrieking at him. Buys off the compel and hot foots it outta there.
* He abandons the client to a squad of baddies working with the new mayor and feels bad. Now he accepts a suggested "Gotta finish the job" compel and comes up with a way to save weird client from the bads -- pull the fire alarm. (Nice old school RPG problem solving)
* His "Dammit! I am TRYING to be a good Muslim" aspect compelled by his new mentor to try to help the client he kind of abandoned.
* The empath, Hannah, continues to get involved with a supervisee even though I compelled her "Easily Underestimated" Aspect and suggested that her mean supervisor would berate her and think her actions foolish and outside of her competence. She took the FP.
* My powerful Caribbean spirit, a "Duppy" harassed the supervisee and there was a bit of a showdown and he pulled out of the conceded and was banished, earning some FPs in the process.

The players kept coming up with creative solutions to challenges that didn't require too many FP spends. Usually they took my compels but made a few buy-offs to insist that THIS time they were going to push past any temptations or liabilities, or habits, but that at some other time they might not.

My actions with the Duppy were motivated by the FP mechanic. As an inhuman monster it has NO FP for compelling other players, invoking its own aspects, making declarations, etc. As powerful as it is, its full force as a supernatural being feeding off of guilt, striking viewers with terror, etc., will really be felt if players have obvious courses of action forbidden or ruled out during the Conflict mechanic. And for that I have to earn FP for that particular bad.

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