Actual Play #1: Welcome to TorontoEdit

The characters have their introduction to the occult underworld

Actual Play #2: Ghosts and GunsEdit

Gunplay in the underground concourses and malls near City Hall.

Actual Play #3 Goblins in the RavineEdit

A naughty girl. 2 Goblins. A Troll. Who gets to eat whom?

Actual Play #4 Wild HuntEdit

Clash of the factions.

Session 1Edit


Arkham's 1/2 brother has been attacked and temporarily possessed by the Amber energy. He was a Renfeld, now he is free. There is permanent damage. Watch out for that.

3 persons have expressed interest in the map of Toronto stolen by Ben from the office of Martine Chisud. It is an original copy of the map of early Toronto (York) as laid out by Sir John Graves Simcoe and later surveyed by Lt. Philpotts

"In 1793, Governor John Graves Simcoe sent Alexander Aitkin to survey the Plan of York Harbour. These 10 square city blocks still exist bounded by Adelaide, Parliament, Front and George Streets. The small creek on the right is Taddle Creek (buried today) and the large river is the Don with its immense marsh. Note the Toronto Islands with no Eastern Gap."

  • Harley Arkham: orge changeling and motorcycle cop -- claims his bosses need it to protect Toronto from some badness on the part of the wolves and others in the Ravine.
  • Mr and Mrs. Hunter: have been showing interest in what happened to the map
  • Martine Chisud (now possessed by the alien being working through Bay Street lawyers McCoy, McCoy, and McCoy) has insisted that the map must be handed over or else Hannah, Ben, Sam, and Locke will all pay.

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